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The Crown Conspiracy - Michael J. Sullivan I found this book on Fantasty Book Critic, and then headed over here to read the reviews. Then went to the author's website to buy the books (bought one, two and three), as finding them online isn't a possibility right now. It was definitely an impulse buy, and it's one I don't regret.

The story is fast paced and keeps you hooked. The characters are well written. I really liked Myron, his childlike nature and curiosity made things funny, he also evokes the most emotion/sympathy from the reader. The only one I didn't find well written was Gwen - she's only a minor character (with hints at a larger and important past with Royce), but for someone who owns her own business, a good chunk of a the Artisan Row and Lower Quarter, and a prostitute, she seemed far to soft. But maybe that is only because we haven't seen enough of her yet. Or maybe it's because we've only seen her with Royce, who she clearly has a soft spot for.

My thoughts for the next books: Royce is not fully human, he definitely has some elf in him - or something else. And Hadrian, I'm pegging him for the long lost Novron heir, and a past that Royce isn't even aware of.

I'm looking forward to starting the second one!